Back Pain Relief For Life

Back Pain Relief for Life

Is back pain relief for life possible? I think so—not only do I think so, I know so. In fact, I discovered a four to six week program for totally eliminating or at least alleviating back pain. It is a program taught by two top notch certified personal instructors and most notably one named Ian Hart who himself is a C.S.C.S (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist).

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My Story — Briefly

My name is Kyle Henson. I was a fairly active guy until I developed lower back pain (sciatica) after lifting a heavy load at work years ago. I was sent to the doctor. My back hurt so much that it went into spasms and I could not walk for two weeks. The doctor said that perhaps nothing was wrong with my spine. It was probably just the connective tissue. I lost a lot of work days. I spent the next two weeks doing not much else than lying flat on my back while suffering from painful spasms. The back pain medicine worked somewhat but I hated taking it. Anyway, after a lot of rest my back got progressively better bit by bit and I was okay to walk but my back was never the same and I never fully recovered. I always had to be careful when doing something physical in bending or twisting for fear of getting painful twinges. Doing ordinary tasks such as walking across a parking lot, lifting groceries, moving furniture were not happy activities. Most mornings my back felt a bit stiff.

I accepted the idea of having a bad back.

I had gotten used to my limited mobility until I ran across Back Pain Relief4Life program. On the site I saw the videos and heard the stories of those who had much worse back problems than myself. Some had herniated, bulging discs, pinched nerves, sliding vertebrae all with cortisone injections in which surgery was suggested but they opted to first try this program. At first I was skeptical but I was completely blown away by all the client testimonials and so I had to try it for myself.

My first session didn’t seem like much but afterwards my back felt somehow different—better different—in that the usual movements of bending, twisting and turning felt more smooth—is the only way I can describe it. After a month and a half of doing the program I realized that no matter what activity I performed I felt absolutely no back pain. Today, I am not only pain free but also worry free. I no longer worry about doing any activity—I just do it whether it be jogging, hiking, carrying loads, moving furniture. I feel really loose after doing these gentle workouts. I have absolutely no back pain anymore in the morning and I need no back pain medicine.

Pros About the Program:

  • What I immediately liked about the program was that there was lots of information about back pain causes and that there was an intelligent and comprehensive way to address my problem.
  • I learned the number one reason for back pain was typically a muscular imbalance which for years can cause a constant tugging on bones and joints resulting in micro trauma and why not correcting these imbalances can lead to more trouble later on. The underlying cause cannot be changed with massage, drugs or surgery.
  • It is explained right off why the program works in its natural way in terms of a brain/body connection. I became more aware of my body and back. Not only did my back get stronger, but also my core.
  • There are 9 short coaching session videos which either taught me something new or helped reinforce my understanding of the movements. Ian Hart, B.S., C.S.C.S., is very heavy into recovery theory and seems to know his stuff.
  • My back pain was already gone by the session 7 which coincidentally on the very same video it is recommended to think of the exercises as money in the bank—that you are investing in your back and I like that concept.
  • It’s not only a rehabilitative program to alleviate back pain but is also a preventative program based upon maintenance so I will be back pain free for life. So it’s both pre-habilitative  and re-habilitative.
  • There are follow along videos so you don’t have to read some incoherent instructions and guess what they are talking about. It shows you actually how to do it.
  • This is a program and not some type of instant cure in which you drink some tonic or press some pressure point on the body. It takes a little discipline but I like being on a schedule and working at something.


  • Not a miracle cure. You get out of this program what you put into it but I like that. I accepted the fact that I would not get relief from my lower back pain from just sitting on a couch. The program does take a little bit of effort—not a lot but a little. It is that little bit of effort that makes all the difference. I like the idea of committing and taking action. This is my back, after all, and I only have one back. If this was what it took to make it better than this is what I was going to do.
  • Some equipment is needed such as a mat and either a towel or ball for head support. And who doesn’t have these?
  • You need patience. It is a progressive, training based program. But here finally was a solution to my backache.

Dealing with the Cause

Most trainers and doctors don’t know the fundamental cause of chronic back pain is a muscular imbalance. There’s a tug of war going on in which the strong muscles tug on the weak muscles pulling unevenly on the joints, ligaments and tissues. The best comparison is to a car that is out of alignment. There is uneven wear and tear and I can totally relate when I see the program’s statement:

“. . . acupuncture, chiropractic and massage don’t offer lasting relief for your back pain. Those things help to address the symptoms, but not the true cause.”

I am now dealing directly with the cause and the greatest thing is not living with chronic back pain anymore.

I Can Now Do Heavy Lifting

deadlift_backpainreliefHere’s a snapshot  of me doing deadlifts in which I put a lot of stress on my posterior chain to make it even stronger. I couldn’t do this great exercise before but I love doing these now and not only can I do them pain free thanks to the Back Pain Relief4Life program but I enjoy performing them in super slow fashion of doing 15 second reps.  I have absolutely no pain in my back before, during or after I do these. Imagine that. Oh, did I forget to mention that I am 50+ years old?

Conclusion — You Owe It to Yourself

The success I have had with The Back Pain Relief4Life program is a fairly common experience. The program is simply explained and requires at the most only about 20 minutes a day at first or perhaps even less. My pain is essentially gone and I now only put a few minutes in every day with the program. Now your goal may not be to be able to do slow deadlifts but whatever your experience or discomfort with back pain, don’t you owe it to yourself to check this out?

-Kyle Henson

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